Collaborative Programs on Climate Change

Collaborative Programs on Climate Change

Collaborative program to empower professionals and sustainable SMEs on climate change

Peru | 9 January 2019 – ongoing

Being the third country most vulnerable to climate change, Peru faces many negative impacts, such as glacier and biodiversity loss, extreme weather events, water shortages, among others. In this context, young professionals and entrepreneurships play a key role in facing these consequences brought by environmental problems, especially in a developing country.

Within this framework, in 2019, Climetria developed The Collaborative Program on Climate Change, which is currently held twice every year. Through this innovative program, we aim to empower and strengthen the technical capacities of young professionals and sustainable entrepreneurs. How does it work?

First, professionals are trained in topics such as climate change mitigation and environmental indicators that allow them to assess the potential impact of products and services. During this training, through an internship, young professionals apply their knowledge in SMEs from all over the country. This internship includes carbon footprint assessment, identification of best practices for enterprises to reduce their environmental impact and performing an awareness workshop for the SMEs’ stakeholders.

Currently, there are no courses that offer this collaborative methodology in Peru. Our internship in climate change is an innovative and useful way for young professionals, not only to learn, but to apply and reinforce what they receive through our training. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to learn firsthand sustainable practices and get inspired by the innovative solutions that SMEs apply.

After completing the program, sustainable businesses and young professionals become part of a community of agents of change that has steadily increased since the launch of the first program in 2019. In this community, they are empowered towards collective action and environmental governance through different workshops and meetings that aim to build synergies within the framework of climate change.

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