Environmental diplomacy role-playing game

Campinas | Started on 15/09/2022 – Concluded on 30/11/2022

Greenworks is an environmental diplomacy role-playing game designed to foster environmental awareness, governance skills, and diplomatic competence among students. During the experience, students immerse themselves in the intricate world of environmental sustainability by assuming leadership roles in fictional nations.Over six weeks, students complete an immersive learning journey, starting with basic philosophy of science and governance and progressing through resources and environmental challenges associated with their extraction and use. Each student group is assigned to a realistic fictional country, which comes with its own set of resources, geographical features, and socio-political dynamics. This ensures that students gain a multifaceted understanding of the complexities surrounding environmental decision-making without being able to simply copy the policies of existing nations.

Students complete weekly challenges, which include understanding decision making within the context of a specific governance style and ideology, developing internal policies, and tackling global challenges. The major challenge students work on in this experience is climate change. The program places great emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Students engage in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and negotiations with their fellow participants, simulating the dynamics of international diplomacy and cooperation. By assuming different roles and perspectives, they learn to understand diverse viewpoints, build consensus, and work towards mutually beneficial agreements (most of the time). By fostering environmental literacy, policy understanding, and diplomacy skills, the program prepares students to navigate real-world environmental governance challenges. It nurtures their ability to balance economic development with sustainability, evaluate the environmental impact of policy decisions, and promote inclusive and collaborative approaches to address global environmental issues.

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