The Put A Price On It Campaign

The Put A Price On It Campaign

The Put A Price On It campaign empowers students and millennials across the U.S. to hold polluters accountable with a price on carbon pollution.

USA | 08/01/2016 –

As natural disasters ravage communities across the globe, it is increasingly apparent that bold action on climate is needed. Putting a price on greenhouse gas pollution is an indispensable step in decarbonizing the economy and securing a safe and healthy future for generations to come. In order to win federal climate policy, states must serve as laboratories of democracy, proving that carbon pricing is effective and politically durable. Many states are actively considering proposals: New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia. Passing these bills will require targeted, vigorous, and sustained organizing. Empowering young people to advocate for these policies will energize existing efforts and accelerate the pace of legislative success. Our Climate is poised to take on the challenge as a millennial-led organization with a proven record of training, mobilizing, and empowering young people to advance carbon pricing campaigns in states across the country. In the summer of 2016, Our Climate launched the national Put A Price On It campaign in partnership with the National Geographic documentary series, Years of Living Dangerously. The campaign blends grassroots organizing, leadership development, and high-impact communications to build political will for carbon pricing and empower the next generation of climate champions. The campaign has trained dozens of student leaders from 110 campuses to initiate and lead carbon pricing efforts. Through media partnerships, Put A Price On It amplifies the stories unfolding in leading states, strengthens coalitions, and energizes elected officials to pass bold legislation on the state-level. Young people are powerful spokespeople in the movement for climate action. As Massachusetts State Senator Barrett told our student leaders, “If Senators and House members are going to do the right thing, it’s because you will have provided the pressure and the grassroots force.” More info: 2017 Annual Report: MA Valentine’s Video: Sam Horowitz Op-Ed in Times Union: Climate CoLab Winners Spotlight:

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