Info Climat

Info Climat

A media project that seeks to encourage the agricultural public of the Fizi territory to adopt climate-responsible behavior for sustainable agriculture

Uvira | Started on 01/05/2023 – Concluded on 31/10/2023

In the territory of Fizi, farmers helplessly witness land degradation characterized by erosion, flooding, landslides, the decrease in organic matter content and the decrease in soil biodiversity. One of its consequences is the spectacular drop in agricultural production. Scientists attribute this situation to the effects of climate change due to abusive land use, in other words uncontrolled agricultural practices. These include slash-and-burn agriculture, the use of poor quality seeds, large-scale deforestation with unfortunately no efforts for forest restoration. The cause being the lack of knowledge of techniques on sustainable land management of many local farmers.

To achieve sustainable agriculture that meets the challenges of food security in the context of climate change in the territory of Fizi, ELOSAN VISION with the financial support of KOSHE found the need to set up educational information/training frameworks on topics related to Climate Smart Agriculture for local farmers.Through Infoclimat, ELOSAN VISION supports journalists from local media (audiovisual, print and online) in training and mentoring to help them produce pedagogically in-depth reports on the Climate Smart Agriculture approach so that they make daily account of the crisis due to climate change and its effects on life and livelihoods in Fizi territory. Through these media, Info Climat acts as a link between, on the one hand, scientists/researchers, national and international institutions in the agricultural, climate and environmental sector and agricultural populations affected by effects of climate change.

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