GreenSpace Construction

GreenSpace Construction

A webinar showing that each of us can do something for the environment

Global | 5 June 2021 – 05 June 2021

The webinar was intended to provide a reason for reflection, as well as inform and raise awareness of environmental related issues in the construction sector. The matter of environmental sustainability has now become an integral part of the construction sector, as it is one of the main factors causing an environmental impact. This impact depends on various variables such as energy consumption, material consumption, water consumption, and product waste. To this must be added the fact that man demands ever more comfortable and healthy buildings. Environmental sustainability in the construction sector, therefore, involves two measures, the measure of the relationship between the building and the environment and the measure of the relationship between the building and its inhabitants. In light of these reflections, and to achieve the objectives set by Agenda 2030, we will see how the point of view has changed in the design of cities, neighborhoods, and buildings. And how technicians, designers, and experts accompany this new vision through the use of products that require study, research, in-depth study, but also how attention to the territory leads to the enhancement and use of local natural materials, respecting tradition, but also with an eye towards innovation. New models of production and consumption, for a sustainable city” is, as a matter of fact, the 12th objective of Agenda 2030.

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