A combination of art, sustainability, game, and participation in a unique experience

Paese, Treviso, Italy | 29 May 2021 – 31 December 2021

#700annidiDante is the ongoing art, gaming, and sustainability project promoted by Arzy Ca’ Association aiming at celebrating the current anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s memory. The big “Dante’s Portrait” Eco-Mosaic and the “Art & Climate Change” Workshop contribute to increasing climate change awareness by stimulating a change of mentality towards a waste-reduction effort. The first output of this long-lasting project is the Community participation Eco-mosaic “Dante’s Portrait by Botticelli”, sizing 2,3×1,3 meters, entirely made with reused and recycled materials coming from domestic daily life and industries (plastic, metal, paper, ceramic, fabric, polystyrene, obsolete electronics…), and co-developed by group artwork. The mosaic activity was launched and managed in cooperation with the Municipalities of Paese and Treviso, in multi-session mosaic workshops (May 29th, June 5th and 12th, 2021) open to the public and hosted by a citizens’ public premises (Paese Library Park). Co-authors of all ages (children, teenagers and adults) contributed to the art production. Thousands of little pieces of reused and recycled objects were applied into the 48 pixelled guide tables that altogether constituted the complete mosaic. Tables were designed by the Software Quercetti PixelArt, thanks to the support of Quercetti, a famous Italian creative toys brand. Each table was completed by more co-authors. The mosaic was built up on June 20th, 2021 by displaying the 48 tables into a large self-supporting structure within the umbrella of a Feedback Workshop “Art & Climate Change”. This event focused on climate change awareness. Participants co-developed and shared messages replying to the questions “how can reused and recycled materials help fighting climate change in our daily lives” and “how do we imagine a sustainable future scenario”. The surface of a big Globe floating in the air by a thread attached to a tree was filled with messages from participants, while the Portrait of Dante was being assembled. The workshop was the occasion to mention the excellence of Rebecca Ballestra’s life, works and contribution towards the dissemination of the CMCC activities and publications.

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