Climate without Borders

Climate without Borders

Helping weather presenters to become excellent climate communicators.

Belgium | 27/06/2017 –

Climate without Borders is a new organization, building a global network of renown weather presenters, doing everything we can to spread independent and accurate information on climate change and help you take action to fight climate change. Our mission is to induce long-term behavioral change by improving public understanding of climate science and policy, and its effects on the environment. Our unbiased approach to climate education is designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations. Several studies point out that climate communication is more than ‘just communicating the facts’. It is about ‘how people feel about the changing world around them’, instead of creating fear by projecting an apocalyptic world (often done in media). The uniqueness of Climate without Borders lies in the fact that we will work with weather presenters, who are trusted and popular. A change of habits, needed from each and every one to tackle climate change, can only be asked by people with whom the public has a relationship of trust. Climate without Borders members will explain the opportunities that lie ahead. They can talk about innovation, research, science, entrepreneurship, recycling, sustainable energy etc., in their daily weather broadcasts, on their social media, and not only during extreme weather events. Climate without Borders will be built with and for weather presenters, to educate, inspire and motivate them. It will be their ‘safe haven’ for information, data, good stories, as well as a portal to the climate experts and other allies.

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