Emotion for Change

Emotion for Change

The desire for care and custody for living beings on Earth, rather than from the fear of climatic catastrophes, can arise from the love for the sublime and harmonious beauty that music and nature have in common

Global | 29 November 2015 – ongoing

Emotion for Change (EfC) was born from an idea of Sara Michieletto, (an established classic musician and an active artist for environmental sustainability and social equality) and brings together a group of musicians, artists and scientists who share the desire to communicate their enchantment and love for the “symphonic” beauty of nature.

Through concerts, educational performances in schools and institutes, and through the production of artistic videos, Emotion for Change raises awareness and motivates listeners to develop more sustainable practices.

Our many performances led to a number of concrete initiatives: more than 3,000 seeds have been distributed, three schools became plastic-free, and many small but concrete changes were initiated: like planting, being careful about the use of water, energy, and garbage.

Emotion for Change performed in many Italian theaters and in natural locations which are symbols of the climate change (like at the oceanographic platform “Acqua Alta”, at the feet of Mount Cervino, at the “Isola della Fanciulla”, the Amazon forest), and also in Indonesia, Algeria, Austria, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil.

Emotion for Change music, and the concepts behind it, are based on science in order to convey our message with authenticity and depth. We therefore started collaborating with generous and great scientists, such as Luca Mercalli (climatologist and scientific divulger), Georg Umgiesser (first researcher Cnr- Ismar), Fabio Trincardi (director of the Earth System Department – CNR), Amelia De Lazzari (ISMAR-CNR researcher – and poet), Giuseppe Barbiero (biologist, head of the Laboratory of Affective Ecology at the University of Valle D’Aosta (LEAF/UniVDA).

A project with which we wish to make people feel and reflect on the actions of human beings in their relationship with the environment, aware that music can touch chords of the human soul that scientific communication alone could not make resonate.

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