POP Movement, Youth inspired by knowledge

POP Movement, Youth inspired by knowledge

Climate Change, Youth Led inspired by knowledge and actions

Global | 21 April 2016 – ongoing

We believe “that impacts of climate change, which will pose enhanced risks over time would directly affect the youth of the world, who have a stake in the future. The youth of today (in the age range of 10-24 years) constitute nearly 25 percent of the world population”. The POP movement aims to empower the youth to have an active participation in addressing issues of climate change faced by our planet. The POP Movement was founded by Lt. Dr. R.K. Pachauri, who brought the issue of climate change on the international agenda and led the Nobel Peace Laureate Organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Enabling youth to be active in addressing issues of climate change faced by our planet, and a commitment to mobilizing youth to protect our planet. The POP Movement, five years after its founding, works with young people and mentors around the world in approximately 75 countries on five continents. It develops training programs for young people, promoting the design and development of innovation, science and technology projects to take action to combat climate change. For its dissemination, the POP Movement supports its activities through social networks, collaborative work, the participation of world leaders in intergenerational conversations and through its annual flagship event, the POP International Conference and Festival for Youth Led Climate Action.

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