Mata Atlantica 2030: The Next Frontier

Mata Atlantica 2030: The Next Frontier

A short documentary film that aims to raise awareness about sustainable development solutions for the Atlantic Forest, a biome where 70% of the Brazilian population lives today

Rio de Janeiro | Started on 01/11/2022 – Concluded on 21/03/2023

The Atlantic Forest is a crucially important Brazilian biome that has suffered from intense land use and been marred by the loss of native forest and the expansion of agriculture and livestock. Running along the eastern coast of Brazil, stretching inland into Argentina and Paraguay, at present, less than 2% of this globally important biome is under protected status, making it both the richest and also the most threatened in the world. “Mata Atlantica 2030: The Next Frontier” explores the limits of development and adaptation for this Brazilian biome. This is a forest that interacts with the population, interacts with biodiversity and relies on its natural resources for the production of goods and services. The film is narrated by Indigenous Leader and Author, Ailton Krenak, and tells the story of the forest with contributions from a multidisciplinary group of experts.

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