Climate Caravans Lecce

Climate Caravans Lecce

A project aimed to empower young participants to reflect on and address the challenges of climate change through creative methods, education, and cooperation in the Apulia region of Italy

Lecce | Started on 01/08/2022 – Concluded on 30/05/2023

Climate Caravans Lecce, initiated by QG Enviro (thanks to the EU Russia Civil Society Forum) in 2022, addresses climate change challenges in Apulia, Italy. It empowers young activists through creative methods, education, and cooperation. The project promotes solidarity and cultural education to tackle the climate crisis collectively. QG Enviro coordinates activities in Italy, with the first workshop in Nardò enhancing participants’ understanding of the crisis and their responsibilities. Communication skills, climate change knowledge, cooperation, and resilience were developed. The project partners, including local organizations, ensure sustainability and share best practices.

The second event in Brindisi explored climate change adaptation, emphasizing emotions, cooperation, capitalism/consumerism, and reflections on modernity. The project focuses on communication, resilience, and community engagement. The third and last meeting was held in San Vito dei Normanni, in the TEX theatre, where a great conversation took place between teachers, experts and also skeptics about climate change. Key personnel included Giuseppe Scandone, president of QG Enviro, along with Roberta Elia, a psychologist, Elisa Gatto, an environmental biologist and Luca Taurino, a sociologist.

Climate Caravans Lecce inspires a new generation of climate leaders, equipping participants with skills and knowledge for a sustainable future. It fosters engagement, collective response, and positive change in Apulia and beyond. In summary, Climate Caravans Lecce empowers young participants in Apulia to address climate change through creativity, education, and cooperation. It fosters resilience, enhances communication skills, and promotes community engagement. This project inspires a collective response and drives change in the region and beyond.

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