The Green Roots Project

The Green Roots Project

Inspiring both big & small green sustainable actions as means of celebrating St Patrick’s day, to reconnect people to mother earth, nature & their green roots

Ireland, and the global Irish diaspora | 3 March 2020 – ongoing

Ireland has a Unique Selling Point, we are perceived the world over as a country that is ‘40-shades-of-green’. If we lean into that deeply held cultural association between Ireland & the colour green, we can reframe our national image through the lens of sustainability. In line with our Citizens Assembly’s goal to become leaders in climate action, we want Ireland to fulfill its potential as a green island in the truest sense of the word. The Covid pandemic provided us with an opportunity to do something different & environmentally meaningful for St. Patrick’s Day 2020/2021. We put out a call to action to individuals, community groups & businesses to ‘Do something green’ to kickstart a change in attitudes that will help people become positive agents of change in their communities. We are proposing an upgrade to Ireland’s national image that makes full use of our USP.By examining the ways that we express our national pride, we can forge a meaningful connection between St. Patrick’s celebrations & the local environment. Today, the Shamrock has become synonymous with consumerism. We are asking people to reimagine it as a living thing with its roots in the soil, see it as a symbol of the depth of our connection to the earth, its people & our communities. The 3 leaf-shamrock embodies the GRP communication steps – that of heart, head & hands: Heart: Through co-creation & collaboration we can create an environment of inclusiveness that builds relationships, motivates with encouragement, & acknowledges participation. Bringing people together to develop fertile mindsets in order to nurture these seeds of change & help them grow each year. Head: By offering supportive evidence we can focus on the big picture & share the rationale for change, provoke conversations that inspire that change, foster a shared vision for the future & set manageable goals. Hands: By setting clear guidelines for involvement, we can spark actions that create measurable impacts within our communities.

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