BA Climate Action

BA Climate Action

An open data platform that brings together energy efficiency, sustainability and waste management policies to combat climate change, based on the principles of transparency, co-creation, citizen participation, accountability and innovation

Buenos Aires | Started on 01/11/2020

All over the world, we are already witnessing the impacts of climate change, and although cities only take 3% of the global surface, they consume 80% of the energy and emit around 70% of greenhouse gasses. Local action plans are essential to developing climate policies that help create more resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities. Yet equally important is how other stakeholders are involved and the access they have to governmental information.

Following this knowledge, in november 2020, the Buenos Aires City Government launched BA Climate Action: an online platform that opens information on environmental management in clean energy, sustainable mobility, and comprehensive waste management, among other climate indicators. In this way, it fosters public dialogue and contributes to raising awareness of the urgent nature of climate change. In addition, it gathers activation and participation actions so that citizens, civil society organizations, the private sector, and academia add their contribution to make Buenos Aires a carbon-neutral, resilient, sustainable, and inclusive city by 2050. Futhermore, the platform cross-cuts the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, promoting and directly impacting on SDGs 13 on Climate Action and 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

This is the first site that links the climate and open government agendas and that was co-created with more than 600 citizens, experts, and civil society organizations. Through multiple instances of dialogue, a process of opening and visualization of more than 30 data sets was designed. Some of the key milestones are: encouraging waste management and the choice of sustainable transport such as bicycles, empower the community as a driver in the fight against climate change, publish a set of green jobs indicators to assess and promote green jobs in the city and the Buenos Aires declaration “Open government for climate action in local government” signed by different cities worldwide.

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