Raise Your Voice Campaign

Raise Your Voice Campaign

A campaign that empowers individuals, engages stakeholders, and utilizes diverse communication strategies to raise awareness and take action on environmental conservation, climate change, and clean energy issues in Uganda

Kampala | Started on 01/11/2022

Green Lens Uganda’s Raise Your Voice campaign is a comprehensive and impactful approach to increasing public awareness and engagement on crucial environmental conservation, climate change and adaptation, and clean energy issues. Our campaign seeks to empower individuals and stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to proactively adapt to climate change, enhance adaptive capacity, and reduce overall vulnerability.

Our campaign targets not only the general public but also political leaders and policymakers who play a critical role in the policy process of adaptation. We aim to increase enthusiasm and support, stimulate self-mobilization and action, and mobilize local knowledge and resources. Our campaign uses effective communication strategies, including visual and art materials, such as videos, photography, graphics, infographics, music, podcasts, art, poetry, drama, painting, and pottery, among others. We also utilize verbal communication methods, such as physical meetings, seminars, webinars, talk shows, media relations, school actions, festivals/concerts/exhibitions, and community dialogues, to reach a wide audience.

At the core of our campaign is an inclusive approach that values active listening and direct feedback. We respect and prioritize the ideas and opinions of the public, ensuring that every individual’s voice is heard and valued. By doing so, we can assess the situation and better understand the public’s needs, enabling us to achieve a win/win outcome. Our Raise Your Voice campaign is a powerful tool for creating positive change, and we invite you to join us in our mission to build a sustainable future for Uganda.

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