We are and act Climaticamente, in line with the needs of the Earth and Climate: because an adverb can be enough to make the world a better place

Italy | 28 August 2019 – ongoing

Climaticamente is a social-web magazine that explains the climate crisis as it should be: proof of interpretation, starting from data and applying constant fact checking. In line with the needs of the Earth and the earth’s climate, the project is composed of a team of over 20 volunteers with heterogeneous and multicultural backgrounds scattered throughout Italy and Europe.

The organization in teams, some peculiar as SMM and Debugging, allows to simplify and guarantee the quality of the Human-to-Human approach and of the information service, as well as of the daily publication of contents.

The contents are adapted from authoritative scientific sources and portrayed in more suitable forms for disclosure to a wide audience through the use of professional graphics tailored to the visual language criteria of Instagram. Continuous benchmarking is done with competitors and other educational pages, to maintain originality and attractiveness of content.

“Post” type contents have carousels about facts or studies with a lot of data (validated by triple fact-checking) or funny memes; every comment is answered carefully.

The content of the “Stories” type has several headings, including our own monthly Climate Report, sustainable lifestyle pills and answers to quizzes.

With the new “Reel” feature, we engage demonstrating how we apply the tips we recommend.

The “IGTV” space contains fast interviews with experts.

We will facilitate the search for content by searching for posts via the website (also inclusive for blind users).

We’re thinking at how we can engage our community in doing offline activities like organize plogging in group, brainstorm on start-up projects or do advocacy.

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