Projeto 19

Projeto 19

Projeto 19 combines ocean literacy, science education and science communication by inviting high school students to convert ocean research papers into artistic performances and outreach activities

Lisbon | Started on 01/09/2021 – Concluded on 01/04/2022

Portuguese high-school students (15- to 18-year-old) were invited to analyse ocean research papers and present what seemed most relevant to them in artistic performances and communication activities appealing targetting their generation. Various schools chose to go creative and produced theatre plays, songs, street art, dance acts, but not only.

Covering a wide range of ocean topics, most of the research papers address phenomena and issues directly or indirectly affected or affecting climate change, ocean warming, storminess and air-ocean-land interactions. Ideated during the pandemic, Project 19 aims to contribute to the construction of a better-informed society that consumes more science, privileging the search for credible information sources. The promoters aim to combat misinformation, fake news, propaganda, and negationism this way. The teenagers involved were expected to raise awareness and promote behavioural changes within their social circles about what the ocean is, what is its role is in the functioning of the planet and life, and what problems it is subject to.

Projeto 19 name, however, does not refer to Covid 19. It actually emerges from The Lusiads, the epic poem, written by Camões in 1572, describing the Portuguese Discoveries. The project therefore is a homage to the huge contribution of a small country to increase the global knowledge on the ocean, the coastal zones and how climate plays a decisive role on their dynamics.

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