Between the Sea and the Shore

Between the Sea and the Shore

Embodying nature

Faro, Portugal / Online, global | 1 March 2020 – 03 July 2021

Between the Sea and the Shore is a series about the unique underwater gardens of seagrass meadows, bringing to the surface the delicacy of these threatened ecosystems from which most of life on our seas depends. Seagrasses are flowering plants that live in shallow waters, often oscillating between submersion and the surface, according to the tides. While seagrass occupy 0.1% of the sea’s soil, they are responsible for 11% of the oceans sequestered carbon. Coastal ecosystems of biodiversity, seagrass meadows have the ability to create unique habitats, benefiting themselves and other marine species, while providing resources to our human activities. This simple, yet beautiful environment is one of the richest ecosystems in the world This series explores the extraordinary coastlines where seagrass meadows grow, nurturing 3 million people in communities across the world while being shelter and food for a large number of marine species.

This series explores through abstract painting these extraordinary ecosystems, by aerial perspectives of the landscapes where seagrass meadows grow, among the ever-changing sandbars and shifting currents of the sea. Seagrass movement and fluidity, in the sand and underwater, flowing between tides with mindful, spontaneous brushstrokes; colour and rhythm, in a dialogue with the textured cotton surface. And detailed close-ups of seagrass various states of growth, through calm, simple lines and subtle gradients of tones.

The making of this series involved diving into scientist’s work on seagrass, adding emotion to scientific data to bring it closer to people. Essential to a complete understanding of this habitat were field trips to study seagrass graceful characteristics and the astonishing beauty of these landscapes, in the nearby natural park of Ria Formosa where seagrass meadows are threatened and in need of protection.

​This series has the Portuguese Ministry of Culture as an institutional partner.

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