A proposal of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley that seeks to promote Sustainable Mobility in the region

Medellin | Started on 01/01/2009

Encicla was born as co-creation project with the academy, specifically with a group of students from the Eafit University of Medellín. In 2011 this system of public bicycles was created in the 10 municipalities as an alternative for sustainability. Due to the increase in the vehicle fleet in the subregion of the Aburrá Valley, pollution levels in the region greatly increased, and the bicycle is considered a means of carbon neutral transport. The system allows single, complementary or integrated trips, and is 100% free for all citizens.

Currently, it has 110 active stations in 6 municipalities, more than 127000 users, 2000 bicycles, makes more than 7000 daily loans and the system advances in an expansion plan that includes operation in ten municipalities. Additionally, it will be complemented with electric bicycles and a device that will facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility. Medellín will be the first city in Colombia with public and free electric bicycles that will serve for sustainable displacement on the high slopes of the city.

To get citizens to use this system, integrated communication campaigns have been very important, because at the beginning, it was difficult to get people to start using bicycles, and only through this type of pedagogical and communication campaigns, it was possible to have a high number of users. Campaigns are constantly executed in schools and universities of the metropolitan area, and in addition, a bicycle school for adults was created, so that the elderly learn to ride a bicycle and increase its use. Likewise, in recent years we have implemented new strategies such as participation in podcasts to promote the Encicla project, as well as press conferences by different media in the city, and various campaigns to ensure that citizens take care of the bicycle system and use them correctly.

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