Dance and music let us sense the effects of climate change

Turin, Mompantero (TO) – Italy / Global | 1 November 2017 – 01 June 2018

FEU is a short film premiered at CinemAmbiente 2018 film festival about the fires that devastate Susa valley (Turin) in October 2017, one of the driest Falls of recent years. This short film has been realized with the help of Andrea Bagnasco, a young filmmaker from Turin whose expertise was essential for the realization of the project. Other local entities were involved in its realization: Gipix as regards aerial footage and photography, Esa Abrate as composer and music director and lastly a group of conservatory and music students who performed the music with violin, viol and cello. Several different people who gave voice and life to Nature and let her tell the story of a catastrophe set in the Susa Valley, but that affects with greater intensity and frequency many parts of the world due to climate change. Dance and music let us sense the effects of the devastating fires, which occurred in the Piedmont Region during the Fall season. This short film aims to represent the transition from Springtime to the tragic moment of fires, from Nature’s perspective, leading the Public to realize the threat of climate change.

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