Peri Bumi

Peri Bumi

Connection-based approach for an integrated sustainable society

Jakarta | Started on 22/12/2021 – Concluded on 31/12/2025

Peri Bumi is doing what has never done before in Indonesia. We conduct 3 workshops for mothers, teachers and elementary students. Giving them more knowledge about parenting, educating children, and being a change maker with an up-to-date skill needed to enable environmental savings through behavior change.It’s a movement of cultivating connection through education, to break the cycle (turn the misleading behavior into mindful and sustainable consumption and production behavior) and safeguard the future of children from the climate crisis.

PERI BUMI Repair the Disconnected society. This disconnected situation is the main reason PERI BUMI carries out its program. Workshop activities for mothers, teachers and elementary school-age children who are empowered as well as various campaigns in collaboration with various organizations, brands, experts, and various other stakeholders.The aim is to provide education using a connection-based curriculum, changing towards sustainable behavior as measured by 10 R: Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Repurpose, Recycle, Ramble. To then change the pattern of society as a whole with conscious, sustainable and connected behavior.

The workshop program, which was carried out for 2-4 months, is a project-based workshop. So that the various projects carried out by the changemakers can be implemented in conducting other workshops, empowerment, circular business, which not only help preserve nature, strengthen connections between community members, but also provide additional income so as to improve welfare. Solving the problems caused by climate change, prevent the climate crisis getting worse, save our children’s future and repair the broken society.

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