An art and science annual festival that features experiments and performances to understand our Earth and Climate change

Mexico City | Started on 22/04/2021 – Concluded on 13/06/2023

TierraFest is Mexico’s premier climate-focused festival, emphasizing the critical role of Earth’s spheres – the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere – in our changing climate. Organized by Estudios Planeteando, the festival offers a unique blend of science, art, and culture, inviting participants to grasp the interconnections within our planet and our role in shaping its future. Featuring over 30 science-based interactive activities such as climate-focused experiments, climate change games, and contests spotlight the climate crisis and its impacts on historically marginalized communities.

Attendees can create their own cloud to understand the water cycle and climate, learn about biodiversity and its importance in maintaining a balanced climate, and even understand the role of rocks and soil in carbon sequestration. Attendees can also enroll in their local climate action group of preference and understand climate policies in Mexico.

TierraFest also hosts TierraFilme, an environmental film festival, presenting powerful shorts that delve into the themes of climate change and its effects on air, water, rocks, and biodiversity. In partnership with over 55 entities including government agencies, universities, NGOs, grassroots mivements and research centers, TierraFest aims to inspire climate action and foster a better understanding of our planet’s climate systems.

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