Climate Change with John Kioli

Climate Change with John Kioli

A video interview with John Kioli, a member of the Kenya Climate Change Council, Executive Director at Green Africa Foundation and the Chairperson of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group. He helped draft the Climate Change Act of 2016 and other policies in Kenya

Nairobi | Started on 16/03/2023

The video looked at the various aspects of climate change in the Kenyan context and explained some of the complex terms that the industry uses. We also simplified climate change to the local citizen through examples that they can understand. This example stood out: Kitui, his home area is impacted by climate change although almost 70% of Kenya is impacted by climate change. There has been decreasing precipitation of water, failed rains. In fact, children who were turning two (2) years in December 2022 saw rain for the first time in their lives. This helped in showing the severity of climate change.

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