Prima ora, scienze

Prima ora, scienze

A newsletter aimed at teachers, in the interest of students

Global | 24 August 2020 – ongoing

“Prima ora, scienze” (First hour, science) is a no-profit newsletter for Italian science teachers and any other curious people in science things ( The newsletter offers articles and analysis on many issues studied at school. Part of the project is dedicated to dealing with climate change, with proposals for analysis, readings, lessons and case studies. For example, insights were proposed on: – Keeling curve (, – risk communication (, – history of environmental policies (, – difference between ecology and ecologism (, – study biomes through a game (, – the role of parks and marine areas ( The project will continue in 2022, with new proposals for Italian teachers to be applied at school. The goal is to raise awareness among students on environmental issues, but to achieve it, activities that can be easily carried out must be proposed, so as not to put teachers in difficulty. The newsletter is sent through the free Tinyletter platform and has a support site created with the Google sites platform.

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