A playful, interactive sound sculpture which translates climate data into the chimes of 34 ceramic bells in an open sided wooden greenhouse structure

Global (Internet & Touring) | 5 September 2016 – ongoing

BellHouse is a playful, interactive sound sculpture that responds to the movement of climate scientists communicating their research; either live or in the form of animations. It was first commissioned by Kaleider and the Met Office UK on behalf of EUPORIAS and premiered at the EUPORIAS final General Assembly in 2016. Challenging how data is presented, communicated and miscommunicated, BellHouse asks: How is your data heard? Who hears it? How do they interpret it? And what do they do next?

BellHouse translated the non-verbal communication of the delegates presenting at the EUPORIAS General Assembly into the chimes of 34 ceramic bells situated inside a wooden open-sided greenhouse structure. A motion capture system devised by the Met Office Informatics Lab activated striking mechanisms associated with each ceramic bell generating a continuous chiming whilst each speaker presented their research.

BellHouse also played climate data sets during its residency at the Met Office such as Mt. Etna’s volcanic plumes, the European drought of 1976, solar winds, and 250 years of English and Welsh temperature and precipitation anomalies and reanalysis data based on citizen science.

Since 2016, BellHouse has been installed in Exeter Central Library (October – December 2017), in an online installation for the 2020 Climateurope Webstival and in the ceramics gallery of the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, Devon, in 2021.

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