Solis, solar platform of Lisbon

Solis, solar platform of Lisbon

A product/service developed by Lisboa E-Nova to support the implementation of a solar strategy for the city of Lisbon, with the aim of promoting knowledge and wide acceptance of solar technology among the citizens of Lisbon, encouraging its adoption

Lisbon | Started on 21/06/2021

The energy transition towards decarbonization, carbon neutrality and the fight against climate change is an effort that belongs to everyone and requires the responsibility of taking advantage of all the renewable energy capital that is offered to us. The future in the use and potentialization of solar energy requires investment, everyone’s involvement and a change in behaviour. Our sun is an opportunity, and Solis is here to leverage it!

Solis includes different resources and strategies for citizen engagement based on technology and on social innovation, through different initiatives, digital and face-to-face activities that it promotes. Solis’s website offers three thematic solar maps that, in a simple and dynamic way, allow for the navigation of different levels of georeferenced information about the solar potential of all roofs in the city of Lisbon – you can select your building and estimate the energy its rooftop can produce!

We have also: (i) “Gira Solis”, a short film for the whole family about the use of solar energy, giving examples and raising awareness to the use of this energy source; (ii) exclusive articles by enthusiasts and experts published on the Blog; (iii) interviews on-site with solar installation owners; (iv) information provision and engagement in social networks; (v) “Solar Walks” and participatory workshops! But Solis can also accompany you when walking around in Lisbon on a beautiful sunny day. Through the Solis app for smartphones, it is possible to read more about solar energy, listen to podcasts, and join the “hunt” for solar panels: the more panels you photograph, the more “solis points” you win – we have many gifts to offer!

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