Where the lost things are

Where the lost things are

How many treasures are we losing because of climate change? When art meets science the voice is louder

Global | 1 December 2017 – ongoing

Climate Change. Aqua Aura reflects on all the incredible wonders of the natural world of ice and snow which is disappearing because of the impacts of Climate Change, like icebergs, an immense and precious heritage that, formed over millions of years, we risk losing completely in a few decades. The artist in a recent interview said “Glaciers, icebergs, ice, snow, frost, in their process of dissolution. I like to note their poetic component. They make me experience a feeling of nostalgia also when they are still present. In a cruel indifference, they are vanishing and nobody cares or, more simply, seems to notice this event and the related importance”. The project started in 2017, with the video art piece “Millennial Tears”, and continues to be develop. Over time, the production has been enriched with many other pieces, already exposed in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad and is characterized by a highly multimedia visual and communication approach. The series which have been developed inside the project approach today consists of works in photographic print, video, installations and sculptures. With this project, the intention of Aqua Aura is to show, through the artist’s eye on ice and snow disappearance, what humanity does not risk losing but is already losing and will never return into the world scene. They will become traces of the past, somehow forgotten. The project main aim is to highlight the impacts of Climate Change in terms of losses, the main message being “look at these! Look at the wonders of nature which we are going to lose if we will be not able to speed up the mitigation and adaptation actions at the global level!”. In books and exhibitions, the contribution of science and scientists is visible and important. Aqua Aura adds to these scientific insights the emotional approach of arts: if we will lose such natural wonders, the only way to see them will be within the walls of a museum or trying to find where they hid themselves to find relief.

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