Progetto Scuola

Progetto Scuola

Teaching the new generation in order to shape a better future

Italy | 01/09/2013 –

One of the main obstacles to tackling climate change is the lack of knowledge about the problem, especially amongst the younger generations. As in other countries, climate change does not find adequate space in ministerial school programs in Italy, therefore students mainly have to rely on the information circulating in the various media, which are often rather poor in terms of both quality and completeness. A new environmental culture can only start with the youth, who represent the citizens of tomorrow. To ensure they take conscious decisions today and in the future, we must provide them with the basic knowledge to understand the climate challenge in its complexity: the context, to understand how climate change relates to other global challenges; the consequences, to be aware of the impacts already underway and of future scenarios; and the solutions, from the international level up to that of citizens. The training offered by Italian Climate Network through the School Project goes in this direction, placing itself among the most complete didactic offers on climate change currently available in Italy.

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