Six Petals to the end

Six Petals to the end

The vivid and metaphorical representation of our view of climate change

Ceccano | Started on 04/06/2023 – Concluded on 13/06/2023

The video was born with the idea of wanting to represent the little time we have available to deal with climate change. Time is marked metaphorically through the six petals of a flower. The flower is the symbol of nature in all its simplicity. It represents the protagonist of our story, who is faced with the bad weather dictated by extreme climatic events. Initially, the quiet of the flower is abruptly interrupted by a cloud caused by the city and industrial smog. The flower, traumatized by the event, loses its first petal. We then return to a state of momentary stillness which is interrupted by an anomalous heat, the earth dries up and the flower loses another of its petals. A terrible storm hits the fragile and small flower, which then sees a torrential rainfall on it, to finally arrive at a snowstorm, which leads it to lose three more of its precious petals. The flower is left with its last petal and everything seems to have returned to normal, when suddenly a fire envelops it, burning it completely. But despite everything, in the end, a petal survives the fire, symbolizing a hope for the future of our planet.

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