Climate Capsule

Climate Capsule

An experimental, mobile, and modular installation designed as an intense experience that provides visitors with a layered perspective on climate change through scientific facts, art interventions, and multimedia content

Belgrade | Started on 20/07/2022

Through a visual experience of a dystopian setting in the year 2057, the Climate Capsule narrative was created to provoke a subjective feeling of the anticipated future and the willingness to face the consequences of climate change. This art and science platform is a direct call for climate action from all citizens and it reminds us of the unique position and actions of each and every one of us.

The experience is multimodal starting from the appearance of the capsule in form of a green van covered with images of grass, leaves, trees, and other natural elements. Once the van is approached, the capsule is entered through a pair of dark curtains. The experience is fully immersive as the visitor is alone inside the capsule itself which is fully dark. The visitor sits in front of the glass chamber where a small-scale figure of a lifelike human being is located, lying on the ground as if he were sleeping. The figure was designed by installing supporting mechanisms into the sculptures so that they appear to be breathing. The entire setup provides the visitor with the illusion that a real human being is lying in front of them in the capsule.

Behind the figure, there is a screen that presents a short 5-minute video of an apocalyptic scenario of the world that we will live in 2057 if we do not take action to mitigate climate change. Aside from the visual experience, the visitors put on headphones to add an audio experience to the storyline. The audio soundtrack presents a story from the perspective of a man living in 2057, how he is currently living, what his thoughts are, as well as his regrets, sending a message to the past to make us aware of what we can do differently today. The dark atmosphere is going to be accompanied in the future exhibitions of the capsule with another immersive experience of temperature change. The air conditioning will adapt the heat level to the storyline so that the visitors can have a tactile dimension for an even more immersive experience.

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