Familial Forestry

Familial Forestry

Societal Engagement in climate action by relating trees as green members of the families

Bikaner | Started on 25/5/2006

Familial Forestry starts with domestication of trees and goes beyond systematically. It relates trees with a family by making them green members, thus, transfers the care of tree and environment to the family so that a tree becomes a part of the family’s consciousness. More than a million families from over 18,000 villages of desert-prone northwest Rajasthan have done plantation of 3.8 million saplings through this concept since 2006. These trees have been grown within house boundaries, school campuses in the form of Institutional forests, on public land and on agriculture land as a part of Agro-forestry. The project promotes fruit trees in house boundaries and soil boosters on Agri land. This year Familial Forestry won the UN’s Land for Life award which is designed to reward impactful holistic approaches and practices that contribute to land restoration and conservation through innovative approach, particularly highlighting the crucial interconnection between humanity and nature.

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