Radio Semilla

Radio Semilla

A podcast that shares long format conversations about social and ecological regeneration, based on first hand experiences and decades of practice of people from very diverse backgrounds all across Latin America

Cotacachi | Started on 30/03/2021

Radio Semilla is a community–funded podcast, which was launched by the Seed Guardians Network (based in Ecuador) two years ago. The podcast works as a platform to learn from life stories dedicated to ecological and cultural regeneration in Latin America, which are not usually available or valued in traditional media. The conversations and stories shared on the episodes are highly inspirational and even– according to many listeners –transformative, since they are not only characterized by authenticity, but they are also focused on urgent matters, such as practical solutions for mitigating climate change and re-learning our relationships with nature.

Diversity is celebrated in each episode, as the guests´ life paths have also been marked by engaging and researching an immense diversity of topics such as permaculture, farmers` movements, fungi, indigenous midwifery, popular music, ancestral food cultures, among others. The podcast, hence, entails a seed of hope for a wide diversity of listeners, from all ages and backgrounds, who are looking for grass-rooted approaches for sustainable living, which offer real alternatives to economic models based on extractivism. Currently, the podcast has reached 230 000 reproductions. Yet there is a long list of pending episodes (often suggested by listeners, who interact through social media or chat groups), as Radio Semilla has facilitated overcoming all kind of borders, by shedding light on stories, which motivate hope, empathy and inspiration to engage in cultural and ecological regeneration.

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