Blue (Eco) Print

Blue (Eco) Print

A social media, catchy, campaign to raise awareness on the loss of biodiversity caused by human activities and climate change in the Mediterranean

Venice | Started on 14/11/2022 – Concluded on 01/12/2022

The Blue (Eco) Print campaign was co-designed within the MSP-MED project and in collaboration with IOC-UNESCO’s Venice Regional Bureau as an Ocean Literacy output to raise awareness about biodiversity loss in the Mediterranean, caused by human activities and climate change. MSP-MED was a EU project that from 2020 to 2022 helped the harmonization of maritime spatial planning in the Mediterranean.

Playing with the term print, a new employment of the terms Blue print and Foot Print could create the term ”blue (eco) print” that could indicate the human footprint regarding the ocean assets. The core concept of the campaign is that nature, unable to stop man-made caused extinctions leaves a series of technical drawings (using a blueprint aesthetic) of Mediterranean endangered species as a set of instructions to “recreate” them. The campaign wanted to be ironically provocative, visually engaging but scientifically accurate and informative. Assets mentioned were: a) Species features: average adult weight and size, specific physical features. Main peculiarity regarding ethology and feeding and reproductive behaviours, b) Major threats, c) Existing protective measures, d) Spatial species distribution.

A set of preliminary studies were performed: the target audience was studied, UNESCO’s and the project’s social media pages were analyzed, a joint social media policy with UNESCO was agreed. The contents of the campaign were retrieved from MSP-MED outputs, the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species (IUCN, 2022), IPPC reports, EU Directives and NOAA Fisheries website. The resulting campaign was shared jointly on instagram, by the pages @OceanLiteracy_unescoioc and @mspmed.

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