PARCAE. Adventures Lab

PARCAE. Adventures Lab

Bringing the reflection on global warming and its social consequences into schools by making the students write their own sci-fi role-play adventure

Italy (in particular Friuli-Venzia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio) | 14 January 2021 – 10 June 2022

The aim of PARCAE. Adventures Lab is to bring the reflection on global warming and its social, economical and political consequences into high school classes. It does this combining science, creativity and imagination to our everyday-life contexts. The participants will write an adventure in the form of a role-playing game, set in Italy in 2100. Each work group will create and write their own story for the other groups to play!

The overall duration of the workshop will be 22 hours per class, divided as follow:

Module 1 – let’s try! – the participants will practice playing an example adventure, created by us (4h); Module 2 – anatomy of an adventure – the participants will be introduced to the basic elements of a sci-fi adventure, on the basis of the one played in module 1 (2h); Module 3 – climate changes, social threats – 1h of introduction from an expert (either from CMCC or not; we can provide an external expert as needed) and 5h of group activities (see folder 3: CAMBIAMENTI CLIMATICI, MINACCE SOCIALI) – (6h overall); Module 4 – let’s do this! – each group will write their own adventure (6h); Module 5 – play time! – each group will play the adventure their classmates have created for them (4h).

The lab is designed to be carried out either in presence or online, although modules 1 and 5 must necessarily be in presence.

How to communicate climate change: during Module 3 the participants will be asked to delve into a topic related to global warming and climate changes. We will provide them with some starting materials made by international and/or Italian institutions working on this field and ask them to search for more sources and, at the end, to produce one short paper in which they will explain the topic of their choice to a non-expert audience.

PARCAE has been designed in 2019 within the Master in Science Communication ‘F. Prattico’ (International School for Advanced Studies – SISSA, Trieste, Italy). The same year, it won a contest of the SISSA and the Municipality of Trieste as the best science communication project for schools.

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