Public engagement for climate-resilient societies

October 26, 2023 12:00 CEST

Public engagement for climate-resilient societies   

Annette Klinkert, Executive Director, European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA

Eulàlia Baulenas, Postdoctoral researcher, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Moderated by: Mauro Buonocore, CMCC

Why public engagement matters in times of transformation, and how it is possible to empower local communities to address the climate crisis?

In an era defined by climate change and environmental urgency, the webinar will delve into the significance of collaboration, knowledge exchange and community engagement to catalyze the transformative change that is essential for a sustainable future.

Annette Klinkert, Executive Director of the European Science Engagement Association, will explore the critical role of researchers in addressing complex challenges within and outside academia. Eulàlia Baulenas, Postdoctoral researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, will present the activities dedicated to citizens’ engagement developed by the project AGORA “A Gathering place to cO-design and co-cReate Adaptation”.

The event is organized as a joint initiative between Foresight Dialogues and the AGORA project.

Foresight Dialogues” is the CMCC online events series in which writers, artists, journalists, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs discuss the role of communication, in its various forms, in accelerating the climate transition. The Foresight Dialogues series is organised in the context of the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” initiative.

AGORA is an HORIZON project started in January 2023, coordinated by CMCC. It supports the overall objectives of the Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change by promoting societal transformational processes in different social, economic and political contexts through transdisciplinary tools and approaches. The project promotes an effective engagement of citizens and communities in climate actions, accelerating and upscaling adaptation processes for building a climate resilient Europe.


13.05.20 , Foto: Henning Scheffen

Dr. Annette Klinkert aus Herford ,NRW hatte eine Zyste an der Stimmlippe.

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Dr. Annette Klinkert is an internationally experienced networker, practitioner, facilitator and trainer in the fields of science communication, public engagement and knowledge-based urban and regional development. Since 2016 she is Executive Director of EUSEA, the European Science Engagement Association. Annette Klinkert is founder and CEO of city2science GmbH – Science Communication and Strategy Consulting in Germany.


Eulàlia Baulenas is a postdoctoral researcher in the Knowledge transfer team of the Earth System Services Group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS), specialized in participatory methodologies and knowledge co-production for climate services. Her background is in political science with a PhD in Environmental Policy by the University of Freiburg, Germany, conducted at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy until 2021. Previously, she gained experience in the field of consultancy working on comparative studies for the European Commission. Currently, she is engaged with the knowledge co-production processes and dissemination activities of the H2020 project EUCP and the H2020 project NextGEMS.

Mauro Buonocore is Head of the Communication and Media Office, he coordinates the communication activities including the development of online and offline communication strategies, the management of media contact, the dissemination activities and the editorial activities of the magazine Climate Foresight. He has been a member of the editorial staff of the magazine Reset and has been serving as an advisor for both public and private institutions on issues related to the influence of new media and social networks on public opinion and on the opportunities of digital media in improving participatory frameworks, such as in education or in public decisions.