Visualizing Climate Change

Visualizing Climate Change

A spotlight on the work of Angela Morelli, information designer, Co-founder and CEO at InfoDesignLab. She participated as a speaker to the Award Ceremony of the first CMCC Climate Change Award edition in 2021. The project “Climate Change in Data: The Physical Science Basis” by InfoDesignLab was among the projects selected to run for the final prize in the 2023 edition of the Award. 


A participatory approach is the foundation for building solutions that empower citizens, policymakers, experts, and non-experts to make informed decisions. Co-designing data visualizations that reflect the findings made with climate science is key to reach the right audiences and foster change. Data visualization explained by Angela Morelli, the information designer that contributed to the most recent Summaries for Policymakers published by the IPCC. Complex problems, like the climate crisis, need solutions. Climate solutions need knowledge and information that come from science and data.

To have an impact, climate information must reach those who have the opportunity and power to enact a more sustainable pathway: the multifaceted forms of science communication must be tailored to reach specific audiences that in turn can develop and apply strategies to cope with climate change.

Co-designing communication with content experts and users, keeping in mind the audience and their needs from the start, is a key step in building engaging and understandable narratives, making complex information more accessible to a broader audience, as well as empowering specialists and non-specialists to make informed decisions about the big challenges we face as a society.

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