Between Art and Science

Between Art and Science

Article by Fabio Cian, author of Climate Labs – The backstage of climate change, shortlisted as one of the best climate communication projects running for the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” 2021.


Photography has the power to inform and provide a vision of reality that is coloured with emotions and beauty. It can also help raise awareness about the climate crisis, bringing people closer to one of the most important issues of our time through novel interpretations of the past, present and future.

Over the past ten years, I have grown to understand that photography has a role in solving the climate crisis. The study of documentary photography, the search for photographic projects on climate issues, the development of my own documentary projects, as well as discussions with artists and scientists operating in the domain of climate change have all helped me reach this realization.

I began by questioning why, as a scientist, I was interested in photography. In fact, the connection between documentary photography and my research was not clear to me for a long time, and I had to let my rational mind be molded by photography.

Science is a discipline that aims at, among other things, finding a meaningful order in chaos. To find patterns and be able to give them a connotation […]

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