Evaluation Updates

Thank you for all your compelling applications!

A collection of innovative and far-reaching initiatives are now part of the 2023 CMCC Award edition. We received a total of 372 applications and are now evaluating the projects coming from all around the globe.

New voices are represented through participatory initiatives that connect audiences with communication professionals and value different types of knowledge as important assets for a green transition. Art is used as a meaning to represent cutting-edge results of climate science such as projections of future sea levels, trends in past glaciers melt and the impacts of human activities on the landscapes. New technologies, such as virtual reality, are employed to convey a more clear image of what the future of our planet will look like. Together with the participants we embark on a journey to discover climate stories from a local to a global level.

Photo credit: NASA on Unsplash

We will travel from the top of the European Alps to the depth of the Atlantic ocean accompanied by different storytelling techniques that capture our senses with breathtaking images and enlightening content. Thanks to its diverse applicant body, the CMCC Award collects a varied ensemble of communication initiatives that give an insightful overview of the sector’s latest innovations.

This is just a glimpse, soon all the eligible initiatives will be featured on our projects’ map: all continents are participating to the 2023 edition of the CMCC Award, for a total of 52 countries among the projects. Keep following us to discover the most engaging climate change communication trends. The best projects will be highlighted during the high-level award ceremony in the coming autumn. The event will showcase the creative efforts made by the participants to raise awareness and communicate different aspects of climate change in a way that makes a difference.