We are Brokers of Sustainability: The Science, Policy and Business Nexus

We are Brokers of Sustainability: The Science, Policy and Business Nexus

Interview with Ione Anderson, executive producer of the documentary film “Amazonia 4.0, The Reset Begins”, shortlisted as one of the best climate change communication projects in the first edition of the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra”.


CEOs, shareholders, voters and policy-makers: there is a way of communicating with all of them that helps build a common, sustainable future. However, it requires a holistic perspective of the climate crisis. With experience in international diplomacy and private consultancy, the eclectic journalist Ione Anderson underscores what holds together business people in meeting rooms and young generations marching during climate strikes.

There are companies, investors and shareholders. There are the future generations, activists, and indigenous populations. All under the umbrella of local and global policy. Our common future demands changes which are informed by science. It is about climate change, the Paris Agreement, the UNFCCC negotiations, the future of nature and biodiversity, and disaster risk reduction under the Sendai Framework. It is about sustainability, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The global transformation that is taking place involves everyone on earth and is being enacted through different means and by different actors. “Our role as communicators is to make the connections. I see my role as being able to connect the dots, bringing people together, facilitating, brokering relationships. I think that a lot of communicators have that ability: we see things from a more holistic perspective,” says Ione Anderson […]

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