More with Less. Visual Stories of Energy Poverty

More with Less. Visual Stories of Energy Poverty

Article by Marco Garofalo, author of the Energy Portraits project, shortlisted as one of the best climate communication projects running for the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” 2021. 


A camera can shine light on some of the main global problems and inequalities. Photo reporter Marco Garofalo, author of the project Energy Portraits, shares his story of documenting the importance of modern energy access for human development in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Bolivia and India. Looking for “the best, most human, most comprehensible way” to tell the story of energy poverty.

We live in an era where production and consumption issues are strongly connected with environmental, economic, and ethical ones.

Shining light on global problems of extreme urgency, such as energy poverty, is far from trivial. Telling the true energy stories of people throughout the world is necessary for outsiders to get an idea of the real issues and situations currently faced by millions of people.

That is why, since 2017, I have worked on Energy Portraits. It is an ambitious project to document the social inequality of a quarter of the world’s population that still lives without having access to electricity. I have been able to do this with the kind support of the World Access to Modern Energy (WAME) Project and the Fondazione AEM […]

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