Ashley Cooper: Framing the Climate with the Power of Imagery

Ashley Cooper: Framing the Climate with the Power of Imagery

Interview to Ashley Cooper, author of the photographic book “Images From a Warming Planet” (2016), shortlisted project at the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” (2021)


14 years of expeditions, 30 countries, 7 continents, 50,000 images. Environmental photographer and author of “Images From a Warming Planet” brings a wealth of experience to the art of capturing climate change. Yet, it isn’t just about taking pictures of the impacts and destruction. It’s also about highlighting the science and solutions that motivate climate action.

Climate change can be observed, studied, described, predicted… and captured. Increasingly, photography can help document the causes and effects of a warming planet, whilst also showing what solutions we have at our disposal and how science is driving change.

“Photography has a huge part to play in communicating the climate change message,” says environmental photographer Ashley Cooper, whose snapshots from around the world provide a powerful depiction of the impact of global warming on people, places, and wildlife. Visual stories that make up the world’s single largest collection of climate change imagery on climate change, and are used in books, newspapers, and magazines around the world […]

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