Másfél fok – éghajlatváltozás közérthetően

Raising the voice of scientists for all of us – climate science in an understandable way

Hungary | 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2022

Másfél fok (which translates to 1.5°C) is an independent climate action awareness raising project founded in 2019 by a former climate policy advisor and several climate scientists from the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. We are a non-profit popular climate science communication platform and knowledge center, our work is funded by grants from the European Climate Foundation but all of us have to maintain several other jobs to make a living. Our goal is to supply the Hungarian society through the relevant media with the best available scientific messages related to various aspects of climate change (climate science, healthcare, economy, international climate policy, energy transition, air pollution, food security, social sciences etc.) to create a more resilient society that is willing to act on climate change and will hold the decision makers accountable to deliver meaningful climate action. Today we have more than 40 authors, more than half of them have a PhD in their fields of expertise, and more than 50% of our authors are women. Our main focus is on online media appearances but we also regularly do workshops, lectures and panel discussions and give interviews in the traditional media (radio, TV). Our past 2,5 years was a success story, we have became a best practice project in the ECF. Because of our example, similar projects were launched in Bulgaria and Romania, and are planned in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently we are focusing on how to upscale the cooperation with our regional partners and we are in the process of creating a Climate Science News Network (CSNN) for the region, since we mostly share the same risks, opportunities, political landscape and history. By giving voice to the scientists through the media we see this as an opportunity to build up political will in the society for real climate action, despite any other political disagreement, making it a national and regional baseline that we can all agree on.

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