Keepers of the earth, yes we are

Keepers of the earth, yes we are

A household song with compelling messages of responsibility. Environment decisions for the benefits of people, profit and planet

Global | 4 June 2020 – ongoing

The “Keepers of the earth, yes we are” song is an awakening song to communicate the need for all to take action to stop climate change, reverse Biodiversity loss and become good Steward of nature. The song lyrics demand all earth stakeholders to act and warns on the consequences of inaction; it simulates the benefits of the ecological systems as well as demonstrates efforts that can be taken across the value chain. The song is unique in the sense that it leverages on a 4 weeks environmental awareness training conducted for children of the Centiple Resources Centre by the Sustainable Environment Food and Agriculture Initiative Research team. It was launched with an awareness webinar on the 2020 World Environment Day.

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